Here are some opinions I left on regarding several Noir AMVs. Usually I only discuss vids that I like. Some exclusions from this principle should be easily identifiable.
To make it possible for you to judge the judge I want to add that I am strongly influenced by the music of the AMV. If I don't like the music, the video stands a bad chance to get a good opinion. On the contrary I will forgive flaws in video quality more easily if I particularly like the song. All videos can be found on
The links in the titles lead to short video-snippets, that should give you some impressions about the vids. Because of lacking space I reduced them as much as possible, so the quality is just bearable. But, as said, the snippets should give you an impression more about the song, than the video.
Since August 2007 there are links below the pictures to the full files via divshare. They lead to a converted flash version of the videos but the original files can also be downloaded there.
The original AMVs are usually in the quality of the series.

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These are just the AMVs I reviewed. Of course I downloaded much more, most of them I didn't keep, be it because of the music or because of something else. Here is a list of the vids that I kept. If you liked the ones above it is likely you will like some of the following :

Noir - _Herz - A Curse from the lost days - Letter from the lost days - Akira Yamaoka

Noir - A3 and Token Fanboy - The Chosen One - Woke up this morning - Nick Cave

Noir - aisyrn - Assassins in waiting - Je t'attends - Axelle Red

Noir - AL - I'm going home - The Rocky Horror Picture Show - high (3m30) direct download

Noir - AL - I'm going home - The Rocky Horror Picture Show - low (3m30) direct download

Noir - AL - I'm going home - The Rocky Horror Picture Show - med (3m30) direct download

Noir - Alkyon - Deceiver of Fools - Within Temptation

Noir - A-Man!! - Daydreams and Nightmares

Noir - Andymions Studio - Revenge - Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

Noir - Angelfalls - Dead Boy'S Poem - Nightwish

Noir - Angels Wing - Where she belongs - Nobody's home - Avril Lavigne

Noir - AoR - Lady in Black - Uriah Heep

Noir - AthenAltena - White Flag 2nd - Dido

Noir - AthenAltena - White Flag - Dido

Noir - Ayanami - Klavier - Rammstein

Noir - Ayumi Hamasaki - Connected

Noir - Babsi - BBB Productions - The Final Fight - Rob Duncan - Radio Sunnydale OST

Noir - Baby_Poe - Hatred can never save People - Deliver Me - Sarah Brightman

Noir - bailz66 - Touched

Noir - beatit - Michael Jackson

Noir - Berserkerr - All the things she said (russion version) - Tatu

Noir - Bobb Fwed - Brother - Stone Sour

Noir - bulmafox - I cant find the Words - Sarah McLachlan - I Love You

Noir - bulmafox - Sad depressing Noir - Seijaku Wa Headphone No Naka - See Saw

Noir - Chaos - Live And Let Die - Guns 'n Roses

Noir - ChaosProject - Assassins Dance - The Divas Dance (The Fifth Element)

Noir - cyberia - Hope - Apocaliptica

Noir - Dizzy Samurai Studios - Blood Stained Memory - Linkin Park - Forgotten

Noir - Ed 4 - Goodnight Moon - Shivaree

Noir - Exodus - Evanescence

Noir - Extreme Noir

Noir - eye8yrmom - Three to Let Die - Live and let die - Guns 'n Roses

Noir - glamgurl3888 - Where she belongs - Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home

Noir - GloryQuestor - Noir's Knockin' on the Door - Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heavens Door - GQP

Noir - GloryQuestor GQP - Chloe the Stranger - The Stranger - Billy Joel

Noir - Gothic Shark - Incubus Succubus - Paint It Black - Goth Rolling Stones Cover

Noir - Hakura and Otaku Productions - Out of Body Experience (Rabbit in the Moon) - (Pilgrimage of the Past)

Noir - HikariUmi - Running from fate

Noir - Hito - Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen

Noir - Interdimensional Productions - A song of Noir - Tsubasa Chronicle OST2 - Kaze No Machi he

Noir - Janzki - Fiction Noir - Miserlou - Dick Dale and the DelTones

Noir - Janzki - Saw It Swimming - Where Is My Mind - Pixies

Noir - Janzki (Artic Tribe) - Lethal Embrace - Fallen - Delirium

Noir - JazzmasterCurious - Sweet Child Of Mine - Guns n' Roses

Noir - Karen Ning - Desert Rose - Sting

Noir - Keeper of Hellfire - A Fallen Angel - Dara Sedaka - Angel Queen

Noir - Keeper of Hellfire - Life For Dream (Remake) - Lullaby - Noir OST

Noir - kiitos (stufe 1)

Noir - Kusoyaro(HsienLee) - Sex and Caramel - Suzanne Vega - Caramel

Noir - LCY84 - Pushing Me Away - Linkin Park

Noir - Lia - Murasaki Studio - Junrei no Shôtan - Yoshiki - Amethyst

Noir - Lonely Driver - Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

Noir - LOSC and Spike - All We Are - Cannon Fodder - _Stigma_

Noir - Melodie

Noir - mlbfan86 - Crumpled Napkin Studios - Lonely in Paris - Tout es Partout - Edith Piaf

Noir - Muten Ro - Studio Cyberia - Gone With the Sin - HIM

Noir - NacNud and MTierce - Noir's Champion - The Champion - Hammerfall

Noir - norskotaku - Mexican Wine - Fountains of Wayne

Noir - Onegai - Night of Fire - Para Para Paradise

Noir - Paul MuadDib - Soldats Child - Quand Je Bois - Zephyr

Noir - Petro - Hunter - Dido

Noir - pretenderj - There you be - Noir OST

Noir - Pushing Me Away

Noir - Rellik - Open Your Eyes - Guano Apes

Noir - Rouroni Mimo - Beautifuldeath - Muse - Muscle Museum

Noir - Rozard - Chanson de bruit de Francais à Noir - Mobo Moga - Orange Lounge

Noir - sabah - Spieluhr - Rammstein

Noir - Shin No Soruda - Come up to meet you - Coldplay - The Scientist

Noir - Sokkan - Sleepwalker - Nightwish

Noir - SpriteSpeigel and Orihalcon - Ordinary World - Duran Duran

Noir - Tatsu Kage - Chloes Life - In the House in a heartbeat - John Murphy

Noir - The Wind Cries Mary - John Mayer

Noir - tokyo no bara (Daizuki Studios) - Special anime music video - Jitsuroku - Shiina Ringo

Noir - Tuplica (Screaming Insomniac Studios) - Crying to the Deaf - Evanescence - Going under

Noir - ukms - DejaVu - 4 circles of life - Oliver Shanti

Noir - ukms[z] - A bouquet for Mireille - In Tango - InGrid

Noir - Venom - Asche zu Asche - Rammstein

Noir - Vicbond007 - Die Another Day - Madonna

Noir - WanaBe - Dance of Indecisivness Moondance - Nightwish

Noir - Xombie - Lost Version 3

Noir - Zane - Bare Grace Misery - Nightwish

Noir & Madlax - aoi_neko - Weekend Getaway - Vacation - The Go-Gos

Noir- SailorMoon - NoirTrailer - AnimeTrailerMusic

Noirpart - GloryQuestor - Happy Xmas 2004 - Jimmy Buffet - War is Over

Absolute Destiny - DoItRight (ShakeIt) - Blues Brothers Soundtrack

Absolute Destiny - Shameless Rock Video

AD (Alex Daikou) - DANSU

AP - Delerium - Children in the Sandstorm - Robert Miles and Derude

Darkmoon Studios - Haruhi Suzumiya - [Silver Moon] - She's Just Oblivious 1.1 (HQ) - Sharada - Skye Sweetnam.mp4

Hold Me Now - Princess Tutu

Koopiiskeva - Euphoria - RahXephon - FrouFrou - Must be dreaming

Koopiskeva - Beyond the Clouds - Waking Hour - Gravity - Vienna Teng (Remastered)

Many - Suberunker Studeosh - Still Preoccupied With 1985 - 1985 - Bowling for Soup

Many - Tyler_yj - Jihaku - Best Of You - Foo Fighters

Many Lemons - Sail On - One Piece

Project5555 Part1

Rose in the Dark Studios - Color of the Night


Various - (Ordained From Above) [ManyLemons]

Various - It's Tricky to Make a Music Video

Vlad Pohnert - Memories Dance - Mummer's Dance - Loreena McKennitt

Vlad Pohnert and DDR2 Project - Kung Fu Fighting

VNS (Visualized Nightmare Studios)- Kisanzi - Bladebeat Graffiti - Subculture Upbeats Remix - Styles of Beyond